Uniform Policy

To promote a safe and supportive learning environment and improve school safety and discipline, all students in K-8 schools shall participate in a mandatory uniform program.
Hunter Green, White or Yellow Polo Shirt
• Shirts must be neatly tucked-in.
• Tank tops and shirts exposing the stomach area are not allowed.

Khaki slacks/pants (loose fitting), skorts, or shorts.
• Slacks/pants must be worn at the waistline with a belt.

• CLOSED shoes and socks are required as students participate in Physical Education and/or Recess daily.

Students will not be allowed to wear the following articles of clothing:
• Spandex material pants/ or skirts
• Hats, bandanas or sweatbands
• Flip-flop sandals, clogs, or other shoes without back straps
• Written messages, pictures or symbols on clothing that portrays ideas which are inimical to the health, safety and welfare of students e.g., messages which relate to drugs, smoking, alcohol, sex, and profanity.
• Clothing with metal studs, chains, ornaments, or other objects which can scratch furniture, damage property, or cause bodily harm.
• Halter tops, tube tops, tank tops, see-through blouses or shirts, bare backs, bare midriffs, sleeveless t-shirts
• Shorts, sweatpants, biker shorts, or Capri pants
• Short dresses or skirts rise above the knee.
• Denim or jean pants or skirts, and overalls
• Accessories and/or gloves that cover hands, wrists, and/or neck are prohibited